Asian Anti-Aging Massage That Takes Only 2 Weeks to Tighten Your Facial Skin

9. Reduce wrinkles between eyebrows.

Place a cool spoon on the upper part of the bridge of your nose and, slightly pressing, move up to the upper part of your forehead. Repeat the same actions using a warm spoon. Continue using both spoons one-by-one 10 times.

8. Get rid of crow’s feet.

Place the backs of cold spoons on the outer corners of your eyes. With 5-7 circular motions transfer the utensils toward the temples, increasing the pressure. Change your spoons to warm ones and repeat. Continue the massage (while changing spoons) 5 times.

7. “Open up” your eyes.

Place warm spoons at the beginning of your eyebrows the way it’s shown in the picture. Use circular motions to slide slowly to the temples, slightly lifting your eyebrows. Repeat the same procedure 10 times.

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