9 Awesome Techniques That Will Make You a Skillful Driver

It isn’t difficult to drive a car. But if you make some efforts to improve your driving skills, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable you feel sitting in your favorite set of wheels.

Brivda gathered 9 tips to make your driving safer and more satisfying.

9. Take a defensive driving course.

Everyone can take additional courses in order to master their skills. Defensive driving courses are taken not only by beginners but by experienced drivers as well. There isn’t anything shameful in the desire to keep other drivers and yourself away from danger. Live and learn!

8. Brake with your left foot.

Left-foot braking is a difficult technique that requires regular practice. It is usually used by auto racers, but this skill can help you in case of emergency. Using this technique, you will be able to turn very quickly by keeping up the necessary engine speed, maintaining the same driving speed, and controlling oversteering at the same time.

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