6 Anti-Aging Exercises That Can Make Your Body Feel Like New

4. Straightening the back

This exercise corrects your posture and improves your vision, strengthens and straightens the back, and improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood.

  • Stand straight and slowly move your head back;
  • Stay in this position for 15 seconds and take deep breaths;
  • Slowly return your head to the initial position;
  • Repeat 6 times and do this exercise a few times a day.

5. Stress relief exercise

This exercise relaxes the whole body.

  • Stand with your feet double shoulder-width apart;
  • Raise your hands to your chest with your palms facing the chest;
  • Fully extend one arm;
  • Bring your hands back to your chest;
  • Return to the initial position;
  • Repeat on each side 6 times.

6. Stretching the back

This exercise is called “2 hands pushing the sky” and it increases the lungs’ capacity, provides the body with energy, and improves the function of the liver, the kidneys, the stomach, and the intestines.

  • Stand straight and lock your hands in front of you;
  • Inhale and slowly raise your hands over your head with your palms facing up;
  • At the same time, rise onto your toes. Exhale and slowly lower your hands to the initial position;
  • Repeat 6 times.

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