18 True Meanings Behind the Objects We Use Every Day

3. Why is ice cream sold in a waffle cone?

At the end of the 19th century, ice cream was sold in “penny lick ice cream glasses.” They were rinsed with water, at best, before another customer used them.

However, a simple solution appeared in 1904. Due to the extremely hot weather, people crowded to buy ice cream, but the seller didn’t have enough glasses for all of them. A waffle booth was empty. The waffle seller quickly rolled one of his waffles into the shape of a cone and gave it to the ice cream vendor.

Everyone was happy with the result, especially doctors since the penny lick glasses were a reason for the spread of tuberculosis.

4. What does this little black dot do?

The little black dot between the flash and the camera on an iPhone is a noise-canceling microphone. It was placed there to filter ambient noise from the desired sound, which is especially useful in noisy environments. It helps the telephone cut out background noises and retain your voice.

5. Why do sneakers have rubber toe toppers?

Sneakers were once mainly footwear for basketball players, and the rubber cover served to protect their toes from accidents during a game. Unlike now, the topper was made from a very hard rubber.

In addition, the toe toppers were initially darker in color. They became white as a decoration for modern sneakers.

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