18 True Meanings Behind the Objects We Use Every Day

Why do sneakers have a white rubber toe topper? And why are there cuts on top of a baguette? These types of questions have popped up in our minds at least once.

Brivda will share with you the true meanings behind the things we use every day. It’s interesting to know that some of them were influenced by historical events, and others appeared as a result of linguistic confusion as with the last item on our list.

1. Why aren’t the letters on a computer keyboard arranged in alphabetical order?

Some people think that this arrangement of letters was created to help you reach the most frequently used keys easily. But that’s only part of the truth. On original typewriters, the letters were arranged alphabetically. However, the placement of the keys made fast typing difficult as old typewriters would easily jam. That’s why letters that are frequently used together are placed far from each other.

Then the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout appeared. It’s far from perfect, but people don’t want to change it because everyone is used to it.

2. Why do some clothes have elbow patches?

This fashion trend initially appeared on military clothes. Soldiers had to crawl around on their elbows, and the fabric would thin and rip. That’s why uniform elbows were covered with an extra layer of fabric.

Later, hunters adopted elbow pads for their suits, thus making shooting more convenient and saving the fabric. And after the ’50s, students in many American universities borrowed the idea and turned it into a real fashion trend.

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