12 Signs That Can Help You Recognize a Child Kidnapper


People who circle around playgrounds and observe kids are very suspicious. Take a photo of such a person in a way that they will notice it. This simple action can scare away a kidnapper.


Children are very open and trusting. If they are offered candy or toys, if kidnappers promise to show them a cool device but only if they go to the car, there can be no doubt that this is a kidnapper. Normal adults don’t give presents to unfamiliar children or invite them to their cars.


Kidnappers may know a lot about a child’s family. Even adults would believe such level of preparation, let alone children. Using social media, a criminal can learn even the smallest details: the names of the relatives or the parents’ co-workers, which toys they got for their birthday, what their room looks like and so on. Using all this information, they can present themselves as a friend or a parent’s co-worker. They can say that their mother is in the hospital and they have to visit her right now. If you witness this type of behavior, you can’t ignore this. In 9 cases out of 10, this is kidnapping.

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