10 Everyday Actions That Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Older

6. Using a tablet or a smartphone

We usually hold a tablet or a smartphone with our head looking down, and this can cause eye edemas and a “turtleneck”: flabby skin and wrinkles. Try not to keep your head down all the time when you are having a chat or scrolling the newsfeed on your phone/tablet.

5. Leaning your chin on your hand

When sitting in front of the computer or when reading, if you have the habit of leaning your chin on your hand, try to do it less often. Your facial skin becomes less elastic in such a position, and it starts to sag with premature wrinkles appearing.

4. Frowning

Sadness brings facial expressions that are harmful to your skin: frowning brows, pursed lips, and tensed face muscles. Every time you realize that you are frowning, try to imagine moving your ears backward without touching them. It might sound ridiculous but it helps because it’s impossible to be frowning and pulling your ears back at the same time.

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