10 Certified Badass Warriors Who Shook The Asian Continent

6. Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun-shin was Korea’s pride and symbol of bravery and might. His legacy can be seen to this day with his statue in Gwanghwamun Square towering over tourists and locals alike.

A decorated admiral, Yi’s life sounds like something straight out of a movie. After a brief run-in with the king over refusing poor orders, Yi fought the defining battle of his life, solidifying his position in the hearts of all Koreans.

During the Battle of Myeongnyang, the heroic admiral led a measly 13 ships against the invading Japanese fleet of 300. Once again rejecting the king’s orders to retreat, Yi declared, “I still have 12 ships under my command. As long as I still draw breath, the enemy will never be safe inside this western sea.”[5]

Badass quote out of the way, he would proceed to deliver an overwhelming victory against all odds. Single-handedly, Yi led one of military history’s most startling naval achievements.

5. Xiahou Dun

A formidable warrior in his own right, “One-Eyed Dragon” Xiahou Dun was a man you would rather escape than battle. As if his strength and skill weren’t enough of a deterrent for his enemies, Xiahou Dun committed one particularly insane act on the battlefield that would put a shiver down the spine of any man.[6]

During a campaign under Lu Bu (who appears later on this list), Xiahou Dun took an arrow to the left eye. While this would probably have most men on their knees, the general took things a step further than Prithviraj by promptly pulling out his eyeball with the arrow and eating it. Later, he earned the prestigious title of “Great General,” no doubt in part due to his monstrous reputation.

If you ever wondered what it takes to instill fear in all who see you, now you know the trick. Just pull out your eyeball and start a-munching.

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